• Skilled Parkour coaches.
  • Learn new flips your body can do
  • Stay in shape while having fun
  • Improve coordination and confidence
  • Fun equipment
  • Safe environment for boys to socialize and make fun, active friends
  • Learn stunt skills safely on soft mats then take your skills to the streets

Back yard trampolining skills class – Have your child learn how to safely jump and perform tricks on a trampoline. We create a safer learning environment by using spotting rigs and a bungee system to teach tricks. Children in the back yard trampoline class learn air awareness, coordination, neat tricks, positive self-esteem, the importance of safety, listening skills, how to follow directions, and other life skills all while having fun.

We are thrilled to offer fun and exciting street tumbling classes for all ages! Our skilled coaches can help you or your child learn new flips and stay in shape, all while having fun! Learn stunt skills safely on soft mats rather than gravel and cement.  Street tumbling is a great workout and improves coordination and confidence! Our classes are a great option for active, younger boys! Boys can come have fun, make friends, and most importantly, stay safe while learning the skills they want. 



Beginner Teaches:
    • Air awareness
    • Back handsprings
    • Back tucks
    • Stomach and back drops
    • Swivel hips
  • 1 hour lessons
  • 1 x or 2x per week
  • Air awareness
  • Perfect back handsprings
  • Perfect back Tucks
  • Front flips
  • Introductory combination tricks
  • 1 hour lessons
  • 1 x or 2x per week
  • Advanced flipping such as round off back handsprings and round off back tucks
  • Combination tricks like front flip to back drop
  • Air awareness
  • 1 hour lessons
  • 1 x or 2x per week
Test Your Limits and Have Fun!


    • staradmin

      Hi! Learning backflips can be pretty easy if you’re a fast learner or have experience! Why don’t you come in and take a class and learn! Feel free to call us or email us! or call at 801-718-4605:)

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