Millcreek Gymnastics & Cheer is not your average gym because All of our students learn how to do a back handspring and a back tuck ON THE FIRST DAY! The Coaches instruct our students on the proper technique for round-offs, aerials and combination tricks such as round-off back handsprings, back tucks, and, twisting fulls. Our students also learn about lifelong fitness and receive conditioning for a toned body.

Millcreek  Gym and Cheer  understands the specific needs of cheerleaders. We also know that the ability to perform certain tricks can determine making the squad or not. Tumbling is an extremely important part of being  successful in cheer. We created our cheer program to focus on developing the skills you need to become a great cheerleader.  In our lessons, you learn great tumbling technique and amazing cheer skills and therefore cheer-leading will improve!

Millcreek Gymnastics offers the Elite Method gymnastics training program pioneered by our owner/ CEO, Jana Cecil. The program enables your cheerleader to get better faster.

Smaller classes means your cheerleader spends more time in personalized instruction with the coach.

We provide a positive learning environment.

Spotting rigs and small class sizes ensure a safe environment for learning. State-of-the-art gymnastics equipment on site 

Learn back handsprings and back tucks faster and easier.

Emphasis on building self- esteem

Positive gym environment

Safety is our greatest priority!

 Tumbling is an extremely important part of being a successful cheerleader, hence why the cheer program focuses on developing the skills you need to become a great tumbler.  In our lessons you learn great tumbling technique and amazing skills.

Cheer Classes

 The cheer class meets anywhere from one to four times per week for a total of 2-8 hours per week.  We incorporate teachings about developing and maintaining a positive self image and how to have a healthy self esteem. Our goal is to create well rounded athletes that are physically and mentally healthy. Happiness and positive self esteem are keys to becoming a successful athlete and person.

 Students in all of our programs get to use spotting equipment that other gyms usually reserve for the upper level gymnasts. Our coaches use spotting belts, trampolines, specialized mats and expert instruction to speed up the learning process that consequently as a result make learning the tricks safer. Our gym uses the most up to date techniques and equipment while our students often learn things that they couldn’t learn in years at another gym within days.

What we teach:



Cheer jumps and stunts


Vocal projection

Pom pom skills

Performance skills

Positive self esteem 



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