All Around Gymnastics


What is required to be on Millcreek’s all around Gymnastics Team?

To be on our all around gymnastics, Team you must have a back hand-spring, round-off back hand-spring and back tuck.

Our best recommendations to make get onto Millcreek’s All Around Gymnastics team quickly… is to take 3 person private instruction 1-2 times weekly to progress the quickest. The Approximate cost for semi private instruction is $120.00 -$200.00 per month.



Many gyms will require anywhere from 12 —30 hours per week, for their All around programs. we have smaller ratios, so we require less time. We custom tailor our program to a degree to fit with your busy lives.

Xcel versus Junior Olympic Program:

Xcel is an All-Around gymnastics program that includes vault, bars, beam and floor similar to the Junior Olympic program however Xcel requires a lesser time commitment than the Junior Olympic program. Junior Olympic program contains USAG’s pre-composed compulsory routines. While the Xcel program offers more flexibility in the choreography and difference in skill level of the 4 different events.

Xcel Bronze/Silver Requirements

Floor: Round off Back Handspring, Split leap, Full Turn,

Bars: Glide, Chin-up pullover, Horizontal Cast Back hip Circle

Beam: Half turn, Handstand, Split jump Round off dismount

Vault: Straight body Vault onto soft mat system.

Xcel Gold Requirements

Floor: Round off two back handsprings, Split leap step hop, Full Turn

Bars: Kip, Cast above horizontal, back hip circle, squat on Jump to high bar, dismount

Beam:Full turn, Handstand , split Jump straight jump.

Vault: Straight body front handspring or round off over Vault.


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Unique & Effective Program

Our private instruction is more effective than classes. We specifically designed a program where we teach skills quickly, safely, and in a fun and positive environment. Even taking private instruction from other programs is not as effective because they do not have the specialized program and equipment that makes our students learn the fastest and with great technique.

Come on in and Visit Us!

Because we don’t want to share our uniquely designed program with our competitors we invite you to come see and feel the difference. Check out our book and articles in the gym that describe what we teach and our unique program. At Millcreek we believe that every child can and will learn a back-hand spring and back tuck if they stick with the program.

Private Lessons & Small Classes

In most gyms, your child will receive only 6 minutes of time and attention from the coach. How? With a typical class of 8-12 children and only one coach, the coach’s time and attention gets divided between the kids making it so each student only receives about 6 minutes of undivided time and attention; that is if you don’t have the coach giving extra attention to those at the top of the class, which often happens in other programs. What does this mean for you and your child? It means that it will take ten weeks for your child to receive one hour of productive coaching.

Less Time

At Millcreek, we are able to cut out months and even years of wasted time, training, money and driving. When enrolled in Millcreek Gymnastics and Cheer’s private lesson program, your child receives 60 minutes of exceptional hands-on time and attention every hour. With the devoted attention of the coach, your child will learn the skills and techniques in less time, therefore saving you time and money. At our state of the art program, your child will learn and progress much faster than at any other gym around!


At Millcreek we consider your child’s physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being the highest priorities. As a result, we place a strong emphasis on safety. We feel there is no reason to learn tricks in an unsafe environment. With any child, in any sports program, you need to be concerned about two types of injury – physical and emotional.

Physical Injury

  • To protect against physical injury, we use spotting rigs and students practice many drills before progressing to harder tricks. Our coaches are always there ready to spot if need be. With large class sizes, often times a child will attempt a skill that they are not ready for without a coach’s supervision. We have an extremely low injury rate because we use spotting rigs and we maintain a low student to coach ratio in all of our lessons. Our top of the line safety equipment includes spotting rigs with harnesses, a bungee belt system and specialized mats.

Emotional Injury

  • Emotional and mental injury is something that can be hard to spot until it may be too late. Some gyms place skills, achievement and perfection over the child’s well-being and happiness. Unfortunately, this happens in gyms all across the country. You can have an Olympian who may not be very happy in life due to feelings that they “will never be good enough” or you can have a well-adjusted athlete that achieves greatness and is also happy.
  • We Care

Your child’s well-being, in every way, is our highest priority and we do not allow negativity in our gym. We thoroughly train our coaches on tumbling technique AND the emotional aspects of working with children. We strive to be the best at working with kids as well as the best at teaching great technique. Since a child’s brain is very moldable and impressionable you want to ensure that you choose the best environment for your child. We provide an environment where children can learn really fun gymnastics skills quickly, safely and in an emotionally responsible way.

Approximate Monthly Cost for Classes:

$160.00- $300.00-$350.00

Approximate Annual Cost for Competitions, per year USAG Fee’s, and Leotard: $900.00

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