After-School Transportation

Save yourself Time and Stress with our After School Pickup Program! We do after school pickups that take the kids straight to the gym! Millcreek Gym charges Per month per child.

We know that it can be a struggle for working parents to transport their children to after-school programs. Therefore, we offer to shuttle students from Morningside Elementary, Oakridge Elementary and William Penn Elementary on most days of the week. The van is operated by the owner of Millcreek Gymnastics and is available for an affordable price. This enables you as a parent a couple more hours to finish your work while your child safely participates in the exercise they need!

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We pickup from the following schools:

Morningside Elementary: Daily

Oakridge Elementary: Daily

William Penn Elementary: Tues, Thurs, Fri

OR email us for more information on after school pickup! 

Monthly Pricing for After School Pickup

1 Day/week: $25/Month

2 days/week: $35/Month

3 days/week: $45/Month

4 days/week: $55/month

5 days/week: $65/month

Monthly Pricing Including Classes

1 Day/Week: $79+$25 = $104

2 Days/Week: $140+$35 = $175

3 days/week: $200+$45 = $245

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Benefits of After-school gymnastics program

Improved Mental Capacity 

The return to school brings a shift in focus. Therefore, people start thinking of ways to improve their mental capacity and capabilities. Many studies have shown that regular exercise improves (and even creates new) neural pathways in the brain. With the advances in science, we are realizing that improved mental capacity comes as a result of having a healthy body. After-school pickup for Millcreek Gymnastics will enable your child to improve their learning capacity. 

After-school gymnastics improves children’s ability to concentrate while also providing a great way to keep children physically active. Most children naturally love doing gymnastics because it provides an outlet for their desire to explore what their bodies are capable of.

Furthermore, gymnastics can be more beneficial for developing a child’s neural pathways than just regular exercising. In gymnastics, students must use concentration, understand the instructions, be able to tell their bodies how to respond, and be physically able to perform the skills. By incorporating learning and concentration with physical activity, gymnastics provides another way for students to maximize the benefits from becoming physically fit.

Did you know that according to the American College of Sports Medicine it is recommended that just for basic health every child should be active at a moderate intensity for more than one hour per day? The Institute of Medicine also recommends that adults are active at a moderate-intensity physical activity for 60 minutes. To prevent weight gain and to accrue other health benefits. Below are listed some benefits of exercise.


More positive body image

Higher self esteem

Lower anxiety, depression, insomnia and mood stabilization

Releases stress and anger

Meditative and focused state

Physical benefits

Increases Energy

More restful sleep

Higher resting metabolic rate

Increase in bone mass, less chance of osteoporosis

Glucose tolerance, more stores in your muscles

Reduces risk of stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, mellitus, colon and breast cancers, gallbladder disease, obesity and delays mortality

Alleviates PMS symptoms (Great for both men and women!!!)

Higher immune system

Life Skills

We understand the importance of teaching a child the key life skills for success; therefore, we put forth so much effort to integrate the following teachings into our program:

  • Positive Self-talk

    – We teach our students how to use positive self-talk when experiencing difficulty so they can keep a positive attitude when they are struggling to get their skills. We also teach children that mistakes are lessons and opportunities to grow. Consequently, they learn to turn a potentially negative situation into one where they feel competent and have a positive belief in their ability to succeed. As a result, we have seen time and time again that this positive experience carries over into their everyday lives, including their performance in school.

  • Confidence

    – We take pride in helping children realize that they can do something if they stay positive and put their mind and effort toward it. For us, watching children learn to become self-assured and confident is one of the best parts of teaching. We feel it is especially relevant to create happy, successful and confident children; that grow into happy, successful and confident adults.

  • Hard work

    – Our main goal is to create a desire in children to try hard and achieve their best. The hard work of gymnastics training can give young minds a better understanding of what commitment and hard work are. Also, learning these skills at a young age can help shape a healthy lifestyle by encouraging your child to stay physically fit and active throughout their life.

  • Personal Achievement

    – We believe success is based on a personal best instead of comparisons with others. We help all students reach success through setting goals that are focused on personal achievement and by effectively teaching the skills necessary to reach their goals. Not comparing yourself to others in life is a necessary skill and key ingredient to happiness. To learn this at a young age can give your child a head start to having a great life.

Come to Millcreek and experience our unique after-school program that challenges every child and teaches them valuable skills they will utilize throughout their lives!

-Jana Cecil (Millcreek Gymnastics Owner)

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