Acrobatic-Dance!Learn from the best! This acrobatic-dance class will teach:

  • Leaps, turns, tumbling and combinations for dance will be taught in this class
  • Transition flawlessly and beautifully into and out of gymnastics skills while dancing
  • Learn skills they use in So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent,  and more!
  • Learn beautiful leap-turn combinations and moves similar
  • No other gym in Utah offers a class specifically for dancers to learn tumbling skills
  • A real dance floor, gymnastics floors, and trampolines will help you become comfortable with the skills you want to learn

Our acrobatic-dance program is  different from dance they teach at other gyms and dance studios! This class is a good mix of fun and learning. Our coaches are fun and friendly.Don’t wait! Enroll now!


 Often parents will call and ask about our acrobatic dance program however their children have no tumbling skills. I recommend that you sign up in our tumbling classes or private instruction which start all of our kids on back handsprings, back tucks and aerials on day one. A coach cannot connect dance skills with tumbling if we don’t have a combination of the tumbling and dance skills.

About Millcreek Tumbling

We provide the individual attention your child deserves. Kids in my program learn three times as fast as in any other program. Parents have told me that what their children have taken years to try to learn they have learned in days with me. You won’t be disappointed!

In the Millcreek program your child will learn:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Agility
  • Listening and comprehension skills
  • How to set and accomplish goals
  • Good body image
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • A healthy lifestyle by having fun when working out
  • Muscle awareness and control


Millcreek offers the best private lessons and upper level classes.

Private Lessons – When first starting gymnastics, children learn fastest when they receive lots of hands on attention. New students must attend a private lesson schedule before moving on to an upper level class. Private lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis and students must come at least once per week.

Upper Level Classes – After mastering certain skills through private instruction your child may be invited to participate in an upper level class. Class times are not negotiable times like private lessons, they are set times.

Smiles and Accomplishments

Teaching flips is the best job ever! I love the contagious laughter and high-spirited energy the kids bring daily. I love watching their excitement as they learn new skills. To tell you the truth, I think I get more excited than they do sometimes. The silly mistakes are great. The giggles and the smiles is a part of what I love in coaching. Seeing my hard work turn into immediate accomplishments deeply satisfies me and makes me feel like I made a difference in someone’s life. My supportive and encouraging atmosphere is one that teaches through positivity rather than through negativity because when you compliment a child they feel good and want to continue to do well. With negative teaching the child will feel frustrated and often will not put forth their best effort. The fast progress that the kids see keeps their motivation alive.

– Janet, Owner

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